Here we go

Here we go

Why GO Read? Well it’s a nod to the place I do most of my reading. Daily I commute from the suburbs of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to my job in Toronto’s financial district. I commute by (GO) train. My commute amounts to two hours on train, less than 10 minutes by bus, approximately 30 minutes of walking and another 20 minutes (give or take) of waiting…that’s a lot of time to read. Years ago I used to pride myself on reading a book every week. And there were so many great books to read! Today I’m lucky to finish a dozen books in the year; my attention span has been highjacked by the daily news-cycle, pseudo-news, podcasts and yes, too much social media browsing! It’s a new year and so I can aim higher than my recent reading history. I can’t promise 1/ week but I plan on reporting back on what books I do finish (less any spoilers- promise). Here we GO; will you join me for the ride?

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